Spray wands for SOLO sprayers

Work with even more versatility and comfort

More reach, more comfort and versatility: you can adapt the SOLO sprayers to your application needs even more closely with the comprehensive range of spray wands as accessories.

BRASS 57-100 CM


SOLO backpack sprayers for successful plant protection

Whether it’s in a private garden, in garden and landscape design or in agriculture: professional SOLO backpack sprayers are extremely sturdy and powerful. They offer greater reach and precision when applying spray liquids and liquid fertilisers, and their ergonomic shape also makes them extremely comfortable to work with. Looking after plants has never been so easy!

SOLO backpack sprayers
Why are SOLO backpack sprayers the preferred choice of so many satisfied users? You will find the answer in this video!


Useful information about spray wands:
Which wand for which jobs?
A wide range of fixed and telescopic spray wands, which are all suitable for SOLO pressure and backpack sprayers, can be used to extend the reach. They are used to bridge larger gaps when treating upright plants and small trees. Carbon spray wands impress with their extremely light weight, which makes them much easier to handle.
Fixed spray wands in place of plastic spray wands are recommended in conjunction with drift guards and spray booms. 
Specifically for the SOLO 401 and 402 manual sprayers, there is a telescopic wand (49628), which can be extended to 50 cm.
The spray booms with a working width of 60 and 120 cm are suitable above all in conjunction with backpack sprayers for fast progress when treating larger areas.
Which spray wands are particularly suitable for increasing reach?
Fixed spray wands like the two-part brass tree spray wand 49528 (150 cm) and the fixed ultra-light carbon spray wand 49449 (120 cm) are particularly suitable for treating very tall plants and small trees. Extendable spray wands like the carbon telescopic wand 49457 (60-120 cm) or the carbon telescopic wand 49445 (120-230 cm) impress not only with their reach and variable length, but also with their extremely light weight.  
Frequently asked questions about spray wands:
Can I also use the spray wands for cleaning work?
SOLO spray wands can usually also be used for cleaning work with neutral detergents. When using cleaning agents that are not neutral, brass and carbon lances are not recommended in all cases because some chemicals can attack these materials.

Can I also use the spray wands with other sprayers?
The comprehensive range of SOLO spray wands are specially adapted for SOLO pressure and backpack sprayers. The 401 and 402 manual sprayers have their own telescopic spray wand (49628) as an accessory. 
Unlike all other SOLO spray wands, the universal plastic 50 cm wand  equipped with two nozzles (49610) is also suitable for pressure and backpack sprayers from other manufacturers. 

Spraying and spreading with SOLO: Perfect tools for any job

Whether it’s for private use in your own garden or as a professional: with the robust and extremely versatile products from SOLO, you are up to any challenge. With SOLO you always enjoy the advantages of the highest quality and performance – whether it’s for professional plant protection, cleaning and disinfection or use in the building trade.

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