Manual sprayers for professional use: 

reliable and practical for applications in smaller areas

Manual pressure sprayers from SOLO are incredibly robust, sit lightly in the hand thanks to their ergonomic handles and have a wide range of uses. Small plants can be tended precisely and reliably with SOLO manual sprayers. When it comes to applying oily and aggressive agents, the CLEANLine models are the solution: they are resistant to chemicals and UV and are therefore ideal for professional cleaning and disinfection.

301 A 

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Manual sprayers for plant protection and care

I am looking for a simple, universal manual sprayer for small plants in the home and garden.
The high-quality SOLO 403 and 404 models are perfect for simple protection and care of small and low-growing plants. With a capacity of 1.25 and 2 litres respectively, you can use SOLO manual sprayers easily to apply fungicides, insecticides and fertilisers or to water your plants. 
They are affordable and very light to use, and the adjustable nozzle delivers everything from a sharp jet to a fine mist. You can also switch to a continuous spray function very easily with the slider. This makes them a perfect aid for straightforward, simple plant care around the home. 
Which sprayers are also suitable for reaching concealed parts of plants easily?
If you are looking for a versatile pressure sprayer for greater range and precision, the SOLO 401 and 402 manual pressure sprayers are the right choice. 
Thanks to the robust stainless steel spray wand, you can also reach concealed and hard-to-reach planting areas. With the universal nozzle that swivels through 180° you can treat the underside of affected leaves conveniently and effectively, for example. 
The small, removable drift guard also ensures that the spraying agent only ends up where you want it. They are ideal when you want to apply fungicides, insecticides or fertilisers in your garden or greenhouse.

Sprayers for cleaning and disinfection

Which sprayers are suitable for acidic agents?
The SOLO 301 A and 302 A manual sprayers from the CLEANLine range have a special FKM seal which can resist acidic cleaning agents with low pH values of 1 to 7 and agents containing oil. The tank is UV-resistant and can be filled precisely and easily with the large filling aperture and the marked scale. The sprayers help you whenever you want to remove limescale residues, rust and water spots easily and thoroughly and when you want to fight germs, bacteria and viruses. 

They are perfect for professional cleaning of bathrooms and toilets, large kitchens, machines and stainless steel fittings and for cars and workshop areas.

Which sprayers can I use for applying lye?
Our SOLO 301 B and 302 B models from the CLEANLine range have a high-quality EPDM seal which is suitable for agents that are alkaline or contain alcohol in the pH range 7-14. 
The light but extremely robust tank is UV-resistant, and its large filling aperture and easy-to-read scale allows precise and simple filling of the manual sprayer. 
They are perfect for effectively removing stubborn soiling such as fats, oils and protein residues in the catering industry, glass cleaning, degreasing components in the metal industry or car cleaning. They are also suitable for application of alkaline pre-cleaners, disinfectants and insect removers.
Can I also use the sprayers for solvents?
The SOLO CLEANLine sprayers in the A-series have FKM seals that are suitable for aggressive media such as acids, but also for products that contain oil and solvents. The enclosed pumps of the sprayers prevent the fluids from causing mechanical damage and thus ensure that the devices have a long service life.

Matching accessories for your SOLO manual sprayer

Can I make further adaptations to the functions of the manual sprayers?
There is a telescopic wand for the 401 & 402 manual sprayers in the SOLO Comfort line, which can be extended between 25 and 50 cm. The telescopic wand is a very practical accessory, as it allows you to reach parts of plants that are far away or concealed. For example, the nozzle head that rotates through 180° enables you to reach the underside of leaves infested with pests conveniently and effectively.
Are there accessories for all manual sprayers?
No, at the moment there are only suitable accessories for the SOLO 401 and 402 manual sprayers.

Sprayers and misters from SOLO: tools for any job

The high-quality sprayers and misters from SOLO are practical aids when it comes to plant protection, pest control, cleaning and disinfection – whether in private use or as a professional. 

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Manual sprayers for plant protection & care

Manual sprayers are affordable and essential aids for a wide range of applications around the home and garden. Balcony and patio plants and of course all indoor decorative plants can be cared for easily and reliably using the compact SOLO sprayers. 

With the resilient SOLO sprayers in the CLEANLine range, you can also ensure effective and reliable cleanliness and hygiene in the home and in your vehicle. 

Pressure sprayers from SOLO:
sowing seeds, care and protection

SOLO sprayers have robust pumps that make work easier for you by reaching the necessary operating pressure after just a few strokes. Once the maximum pressure has been built up, almost the entire contents can be dispensed without re-pumping. The integrated pressure valve prevents excess pressure. 

The high-quality hollow cone nozzle of the manual sprayers is adjustable and delivers everything from a sharp jet to a fine mist. The robust tanks have a large filling aperture so that filling and emptying is straightforward, and the bases prevent them tipping over even when full. 

The high-quality SOLO Classic 403 and 404 manual pressure sprayers with a capacity of 1.25 and 2 litres respectively are our most affordable manual sprayers for the garden and home. With the SOLO 460 Li battery-operated manual sprayer, you can apply the spraying agent without any tiresome pumping thanks to the small but powerful electric pump. And it goes on doing so for up to 60 minutes without recharging. The flexible internal suction tube ensures continuous application of the medium and even makes it possible to spray overhead.

The underside of leaves can be treated very effectively with the SOLO 401 and 402 models. The swivel nozzle and small drift guard ensure that the contents of the spray only end up where they are really needed. This prevents unwanted contact of the spraying agent with neighbouring plants. Whether it’s fungicides to stop a fungal infestation, insecticides to fight pests or fertilisers or water to look after your plants. 

Chemical-resistant sprayers for cleaning and disinfection

The CLEANLine manual sprayers have solid plastic tanks that are resistant to UV radiation and chemicals. They come in two versions: “A” with FKM seals and “B” with EPDM seals. You should choose the right seal for your planned application of the cleaning sprayer. 

If, for example, you want to apply concentrated or diluted acids in the pH range 1-7, the “A” devices with the FKM seals are the right choice. They are also suitable for working with liquids that contain oil, solvents or chlorinated hydrocarbons. The 301 A and 302 A models with 1.25 and 2 litres nominal capacity respectively are manual pressure sprayers of this type.

If alkalis are being used, the “B” sprayers with EPDM sealing material are used. These include the SOLO 301 B and 302 B CLEANLine manual sprayers. Alcohols and bases in the pH range 7-14 do not cause any problems for the materials and enclosed pumps in these sprayers. These solid manual sprayers are even suitable for alkaline pre-cleaners, insect removers and disinfectants.

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