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Battery-operated sprayers from SOLO:

ergonomic, light and quiet

Your work could not be made any easier – SOLO battery-operated sprayers generate the pressure required automatically with the electric pump. With their powerful electric motors, they are the right choice when it comes to protecting plants in enclosed spaces with large areas to treat. They are extremely quiet, ergonomically shaped and thus deliver the best possible working comfort. And with SOLO battery-operated manual sprayers, you can even look after small plants in your home without any pumping.

Battery manual sprayer 1L - 460 Li

Accessories für battery-operated sprayers

 SOLO has a comprehensive range of accessories that make your SOLO device even more versatile and convenient to use.


Work efficiently and easily even on difficult terrain – with powerful and easy-to-use sprayers and misters from SOLO, plant protection and cleaning agents can be applied efficiently, accurately and with minimum effort.


Green fingers with electric garden sprayers

The extremely light SOLO 441 battery-operated backpack sprayer has an electric pump that is operated by a lithium-ion battery. This means that spray agents can be applied without any manual pumping. It is perfect for easy and quick maintenance of plants in the garden, professional use in nurseries, in greenhouses or day-to-day work in gardening and landscape design.

SOLO 441 battery-operated sprayer
Save yourself all that tiresome pumping with the new SOLO 441 - the affordable starting point for the quality class of battery-operated sprayers. Robust and lightweight, it comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which offers 170 minutes of continuous operation and recharges in just two hours. The powerful, durable electric pump delivers a consistent 2.5 bar operating pressure.

Questions & answers

Frequently asked questions when making a purchase:
Which battery-operated sprayer has the longest running time?

The SOLO 416 Li battery-operated sprayer offers almost 6 hours of operation with its powerful lithium-ion batteries and takes only around 5.5 hours to charge up fully. This clearly sets it apart from other garden sprayers with electric motors in the range.

It also has a large tank cover with quick-action seal, a removable stainless steel filling strainer, a carbon telescopic spray wand that can be extended to 50-90 cm and a spray wand retainer. Despite the large tank with a capacity of 20 litres, it has a light net weight of 5.2 kg. A real pro among battery-operated backpack sprayers.

Are there accessories for battery-operated sprayers?
we have an extensive range of accessories for battery-operated pressure sprayers. You can comfortably reach taller plants with a longer spray wand, for example. Wands are available in plastic, brass or even ultra-light carbon designs. The latter are even available up to 230 cm. 

All the nozzles in the range are also suitable for battery-operated backpack sprayers. For treating large areas, a flat spray nozzle is the best choice. For precise application of herbicides, you can work with rebound or solid cone nozzles or with a drift guard. This prevents weedkiller from affecting other plants.

Tips & tricks for healthy plants
Useful information for plant care in the home and garden:
How do I combat mildew on my plants?
White patches on the leaves of your plants usually indicate mildew infestation. You should first find out whether you are dealing with true or false mildew. This determines how you can proceed.
You can recognise true mildew by a whitish covering on the top of the leaves of your plants. After a while, the leaves turn brown and dry out. True mildew often attacks decorative plants and cultivated crops, including roses, sunflowers, lupins, cucumbers, vines, strawberries, tomatoes and fruit trees such as apple trees. 

In the case of mildew on strawberries and vines, there is often no white coating. Instead the underside of the leaves turns red and the leaves often roll in on themselves at the top. Bursting grapes and squishy tomatoes with a brown or black colour are also frequently a sign of mildew.
False mildew can be identified by a white or grey-blue coating on the underside of the leaves and yellowish-brown spots on the top of the leaves. Tuber plants, brassicas, onions, lettuce, pumpkin and decorative plants such as roses and sunflowers are often affected. 

Mildew creates toxic substances which are deposited in the soil and can therefore harm other plants, making swift action important. First you should remove all the affected leaves and fruits and dispose of them with the organic waste. In cases of heavy infestation, it is advisable to cut the plant back. 

You can use fungicides to treat both true and false mildew. Ideally, you should use our SOLO misters for this. Our sprayers help you to apply the plant protection spray medium extremely precisely and over the whole area. 

With true mildew, you can also use tried and tested home remedies: make a 1:8 mixture of whole milk and water. You can then put the mixture into your SOLO mister and apply it several times a week to the affected plants. 

Another option is a mixture of a sachet of baking powder, 20ml of rapeseed oil and 2L of water. You then apply this to the affected plants every two weeks.

in the case of tomato plants, however, you should avoid wet agents, as they can cause blight. In this instance it is better to use basal rock dust or marine algae, which can simply be scattered over the plants.

How do I recognise soft-skin mites on my plants and how do I get rid of them?
Brown patches and suberised areas on the underside and edges of leaves, which roll unnaturally upwards or downwards, undersized leaves, deformity and brown discolouration of the vegetation point and of flowers and shoots. And yet the veins in the leaves always remain green? 

These are all signs that soft-skin mites have probably made a home for themselves in your plants. “Flowering under the leaf” is also caused by the little mites, as they make the flower stems shorter. 

The pests are only 0.2 millimetres in size and are very difficult to detect because of their almost transparent bodies, which can sometimes appear white or greenish-yellow. That’s why they often remain undetected for a long time. The insects usually live in well concealed places for their own protection and suck the sap out of the plant there. They can even transfer viruses to the plants in doing so. 

High humidity and heat encourage the development of these tiny pests. This explains why they are found in gardens and greenhouses in the warm months between April and October. Indoors they can affect decorative plants such as orchids, cyclamen or even cactuses all year round. 

As soft-skin mites conceal themselves well on plants and multiply very quickly, it is important to identify and treat them at an early stage. In the case of an infestation, you should first attempt to reduce the humidity. 

You can then dilute neem oil and spray the affected plants with one of our SOLO sprayers. The SOLO 401 or 402 manual sprayers have a swivel nozzle with which you can easily treat the underside of leaves where the mites like to live. The azadirachtin in the neem oil prevents the mites from reproducing. 

Biological spray agents based on rapeseed oil are also recommended. The oil settles on the pests, causing them to suffocate. Repeat this treatment several times to fight as many mites as possible. 

In the case of plants with particularly heavy infestation, it is advisable to cut them back. In greenhouses, you can also use predatory mites of the genus Amblyseius cucumeris, Amblyseius swirski and Amblyseius montdorensis against soft-skin mites.

Spraying and spreading with SOLO: the perfect aids for any application

Whether it’s for private use in your own garden or as a professional: with the robust and extremely versatile products from SOLO, you are up to any challenge. With SOLO you always enjoy the advantages of the highest quality and performance – whether it’s for professional plant protection, cleaning and disinfection or use in the building trade.

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SOLO battery-operated sprayers: less effort, more output

SOLO The better choice. Since 1948.

Battery-operated sprayers from SOLO are very quiet, emission-free and deliver the necessary operating pressure entirely without manual pumping thanks to the powerful electric motor. This allows fatigue-fee work, even on larger areas. But it’s not only outdoors that the reliable battery-operated sprayers are popular aids: for plant protection in enclosed spaces such as conservatories and greenhouses, the full benefits of efficient working and high performance come into their own, too.

Battery-operated sprayers for optimal plant protection

The 416 Li and 417 battery-operated sprayers with their powerful electric motors offer you more features and convenience. With a touch of the power switch, the powerful pump of the battery-operated sprayers springs into action with just a quiet hum. There are two power levels available and the pressure gauge that comes as standard helps with the correct dosing. Even at the second power level, the noise increases only slightly. This ensures that working is a pleasant experience and hearing protection is not required. The two power levels control the pressure range of the powerful 12 V pumps, delivering up to 4.3 bar. When the battery goes flat, it can be recharged in the device quickly. In contrast to the lead gel battery of the 417, the 416 Li has a lithium-ion battery and a capacity of 20 instead of 18 l. In addition, it has a light carbon telescopic wand measuring 50 to 90 cm for even better reach.

The small SOLO 460 Li battery-operated manual sprayer is a practical and universal aid in the garden and home. The small but powerful electric pump delivers the spray liquid without the need for pumping by hand. And it goes on doing so for up to 60 minutes without recharging. The universal nozzle can be adjusted continuously from a fine mist to a powerful jet. The ergonomic operating handle with easy one-button actuation means that looking after your plants in the house and garden is child’s play.

Battery-operated sprayer accessories & spare parts

The extensive accessories allow the potential applications of battery-operated sprayers to be extended much further. From various wands, nozzles and drift guards to comfortable, professional carrying systems, our range of accessories offers a wide variety of ways to extend what the sprayers can do. You can simply order charger cables, seals and spare parts whenever you need them. Our customer service team will be pleased to help you in your choice of the right parts.

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