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Spray wands for SOLO sprayers:

For even more versatile and convenient application

With the handy SOLO spray wands, you can adapt the performance, working comfort and areas of application of your SOLO sprayer even more closely to your specific needs.


SOLO backpack sprayers for effective plant protection

Whether it's in a private garden, in garden and landscape design or in agriculture: professional SOLO backpack sprayers are extremely sturdy and powerful. For years, they have been tried and tested aids in a wide range of plant protection applications and offer maximum working comfort with their ergonomic design. Looking after plants has never been so easy and effective!

SOLO backpack sprayers
Why are SOLO backpack sprayers the preferred choice of so many satisfied users? You will find the answer in this video!


Useful information about spray wands:
Which wand offers the most setting options?
With the 120 cm stainless steel spray wand, the applications of the SOLO 433 power sprayer are even more versatile: it has a rotating setting knob that enables you to adjust the flow rate, spray pattern and range very easily. In view of these setting options, we recommend the wand for individual plant treatments, e.g. for spraying trees in orchards and gardens.
Which spray wands increase the range?
In the SOLO range of accessories, you will find a whole series of fixed and telescopic spray wands made of various materials, with which you can treat planting areas that are hard to reach and large plants such as espaliered trees using your SOLO sprayer. For the SOLO 433 power sprayer there are special stainless steel spray wands that are suitable only for this sprayer. 
Frequently asked questions about spray wands:
Can I also use the spray wands for professional cleaning?
The 50 cm universal wand and other plastic wands can also be used with the pressure sprayers in the SOLO CLEANLine range. Brass wands are susceptible to corrosion with a range of chemicals and are therefore not suitable for cleaning purposes. The 120 cm spray wand (art. no. 49185) can be used in conjunction with the Solo 433 power sprayer at higher pressure for cleaning purposes in agriculture.
Can I also use the spray wands with other sprayers?
The 50 cm universal spray wand is suitable for all SOLO pressure and backpack sprayers and for those of many other manufacturers. In addition to the adjustable hollow cone nozzle that comes fitted to it, a flat spray nozzle is also supplied.

Areas of application

Whether you want to use your SOLO device for plant protection, plant care, cleaning or disinfection – with the practical accessories for SOLO sprayers, it will be more accurate and effective.

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Work efficiently and easily even on difficult terrain – with powerful and easy-to-use sprayers and misters from SOLO, plant protection and cleaning agents can be applied efficiently, accurately and with minimum effort.

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