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Accessories for SOLO power sprayers & misters:

Practical extensions for more effective, professional plant protection

Greater range, comfort and efficiency – with useful accessories for SOLO professional power sprayers & misters, you can adapt the application options and performance even more closely to your specific task.


Popular throughout the world: plant protection with SOLO

From the vineyards around Stuttgart to plantations all over the world – SOLO plant protection sprayers have been synonymous with reliability and the highest quality since 1948. Ever since then, it has always been our aim to provide you with the right tool for your needs.

SOLO sprayers and misters
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Useful information about accessories & spare parts:
For which devices is the spray wand suitable?
The 50 cm spray wand with flat spray nozzle can be used with both the SOLO power sprayer and SOLO pressure sprayers and backpack sprayers. The spray wand is suitable across the board for a multitude of plant protection treatments and is so robust it is virtually unbreakable.
Where will I find suitable spare parts for the SOLO power sprayer and mister?
If you require a spare part for your SOLO sprayer or mister, our retailer search function can help. You can also contact our customer service team if you prefer. We will be happy to help you with servicing of your SOLO device.
Possible applications
Frequently asked questions about using accessories:
Which accessories help to extend the reach of the spray liquid?
If you would you like to improve the reach of your SOLO power sprayer, we recommend the 10 m high-pressure hose for the SOLO 433 power sprayer. This also offers greater comfort and safety in use, as the long hose means the device can be positioned conveniently on the ground, while you work at a comfortable distance. On the other hand, the liquid booster pump can be used for the mister. This also increases the range of the mister and allows efficient and convenient spraying in an upward direction.
Which accessories make it easier to treat plants at greater heights?
If you mainly want to treat higher parts of plants with the Master 452 mister, the use of a liquid booster pump is recommended. It delivers a stronger, more consistent transport of fluid to the end of the wand for more effective spraying in a vertical direction. Other practical mister accessories, such as the twin nozzle for two-row treatment, extend the range of possible applications. 
For the SOLO 433 power sprayer, various stainless steel spray wands can be used, as can the 10 m high-pressure extension hose. This extends the radius of action of the SOLO power sprayer and offers greater comfort and safety during use. A retaining bracket is provided for space-saving, practical storage on the device.

Areas of application

The practical accessories for the professional power sprayers & Misters effectively make your work easier and deliver even better results for professional plant protection in large area and large-scale planting or landscape management.

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