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Accessories for cut-off machines:

greater comfort and mobility in use

The handy accessories for SOLO cut-off machines effectively make work easier: from a mobile pressurised water tank to supply water for wet cutting to a robust trolley for precise and easy movement of the machine on level surfaces, SOLO offers useful additions for even greater working convenience.


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Solo 451 3-Gallon 66.5cc
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Questions about accessories

Frequently asked questions about cut-off machine accessories:
How many litres of water does the pressurised tank hold?
Wet cutting significantly reduces the formation of dust for operators and their environment. The extremely sturdy pressurised water tank has a capacity of 11 litres and is easily connected to the cut-off machine using the 3.5 m hose supplied. 
Are there any other accessories?
Along with the trolley and the pressurised water tank, there are other accessories for SOLO cut-off machines that make work easier. With the pneumatic connection valve for the pressurised water tank, for example, there is no need for any pumping of the tank. The trolley for the pressurised water tank also makes it much easier to transport. The pneumatic connection valve and trolley for the pressurised water tank can be found in our SOLO online shop under Other accessories.
Cut-off machines
Frequently asked questions about SOLO cut-off machines:
Which engine oil should I use for my cut-off machine?
As cut-off machines have a 2-stroke engine, only high-quality 2-stroke engine oil that meets the ISO-L-EGD or JASO FD standard should be used. We recommend “SOLO Profi 2T engine oil”, as this is adapted to the engine of the device.
Which cutting discs are available?
There is a universal cutting disc for all materials - with a diameter of 12”/300 mm or 14”/350 mm, depending on the model.

Areas of application

Whether it’s for use on building sites, in road construction, in industry or by the emergency services – the handy extensions for SOLO cut-off machines make the devices easier and more comfortable to use.

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