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Manual sprayer 2L – SOLO 202


Manual sprayer with transparent, robust 2 litre container with fill level marking and sturdy stand.
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Manual sprayer 2L – SOLO 202

Anwendung für Pflanzenschutz und Pflege

Terrasse / Garten
Pflanzenschutz & Pflege
Die SOLO 202 mit ihrem griffigen und ergonomisch geformten Griff ist eine echte Referenz und liegt optimal und ermüdungsfrei in der Hand.

Product information "Manual sprayer 2L – SOLO 202"

The new, 2nd series of lightweight manual sprayers features a highly efficient, enclosed pump that creates the full powerful operating pressure of 3 bar in just a few strokes. Once full pressure is reached, almost the entire contents can be sprayed without the need for further pumping. The built-in pressure valve protects against excessive pressure. 

With its easy-grip and ergonomically shaped handle these models are a genuine reference point and sit optimally and comfortably in your hand. Additionally, thumb activation by the hand operating the handle of a thumb lock now lets the user change between spot spraying and continuous spraying

The high-quality hollow cone nozzle of the manual sprayers is adjustable and delivers everything from a sharp spray jet to a fine spray mist. The adjustable nozzle can be swivelled in the C models. Practical for treating the underside of leaves and other difficult-to-reach areas.

The latest feature of our manual sprayers is the display pocket on the side of the spray head, into which a card can be inserted to label the content and the intended area of application. This enables you to specify exactly which spray media is used.

Designed for the application of liquid plant protection spray media and liquid manures by domestic users. Suitable for treating smaller plants in the garden, on the patio or balcony and in commercial plant cultivation.

Technische Daten

Capacity 2L
Drive type Manual
Empty weight 0,45 kg
Pump model piston
Spray pressure 3 Bar
application Pest control , plant care
mode of application spritz

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