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Foam sprayers for professional cleaning:

smart tools that can do that little bit extra

Foam sprayers from SOLO get rid of stubborn dirt very effectively: the moisture of the foam can be set individually using the patented varioFOAM foam nozzle. This makes longer exposure times possible without the foam running off or surfaces getting too wet. They are extremely sturdy, compact and resistant to chemicals – the perfect tools for professional cleaning and disinfection in areas of any size.

301 FA


SOLO offers a comprehensive range of accessories and enhancements for professional applications. High demands are made of these devices in terms of their quality, functionality, range of application and features, in particular in commercial use.


Work efficiently and easily even on difficult terrain – with powerful and easy-to-use sprayers and misters from SOLO, plant protection and cleaning agents can be applied efficiently, accurately and with minimum effort.


The SOLO CLEANLine: high-quality sprayers for cleaning and disinfection

Solid plastic tanks that are resistant to UV radiation and chemicals and have various capacities form the basis of the CLEANLine products. The seals and nozzles of the misters and foam sprayers are even suitable for aggressive cleaning agents. They are the ideal solution for removing dirt, germs and bacteria quickly and effectively.

Solo 451 3-Gallon 66.5cc
SOLO CLEANLine: A comprehensive and versatile range of devices for cleaning and disinfection tasks, all of which have SOLO quality in their genes. 


Frequently asked questions when making a purchase:
Which foam sprayers are suitable for use in kitchens and the catering industry?
Grease, oil and protein residues in kitchens and the catering industry are stubborn enemies that require the use of alkaline detergents. The 301 FB and 309 FB foam sprayers are suitable in this instance: they have high-quality EPM seals which are suitable for foam alkaline agents and disinfectants.
Which foam sprayers are suitable for applying acidic agents?
The SOLO 301 FA and 309 FA foam sprayers have FKM seals for applying acidic foam detergents. The enclosed pumps of the foam sprayers prevent the aggressive fluids from causing mechanical damage and thus ensure that the devices have a long service life.
Other questions
Information about choosing the right foam sprayer:
Which foam sprayer is suitable for use in small areas?
The light and handy 301 FA and 301 FB foam sprayer models are ideal for smaller areas.
Which foam sprayers are suitable for applications in large areas?
If the areas to be treated are larger, the 309 FA and 309 FB foam sprayers are recommended. They have a nominal capacity of 9 l and a stable base. A trolley with a handle is available as an option so that the device does not have to be carried around.

Spraying and spreading with SOLO: the perfect aids for any application

Whether it’s for private use in your own garden or as a professional: with the robust and extremely versatile products from SOLO, you are up to any challenge. With SOLO you always enjoy the advantages of the highest quality and performance – whether it’s for professional plant protection, cleaning and disinfection or use in the building trade.

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SOLO CLEANLine foam sprayers with varioFOAM

SOLO The better choice. Since 1948.

Detergents and disinfectants in the form of foam are being used more and more often. This has many advantages: foam allows a longer exposure time, is easier to see and enables effective treatment of vertical surfaces without the cleaning agent running off. It is a useful cleaning agent for delicate surfaces that are not supposed to come into contact with much moisture. You can even set the level of moistness or dryness of the foam with foam sprayers from SOLO: with the patented varioFOAM foam nozzle, the firmness of the foam can be adjusted without coming into contact with the detergent. Set the wheel to “dry”, and a drier, firmer foam is released. On “wet”, the foam nozzle generates a moist, gel-like foam. 

SOLO CLEANLine foam sprayers are very handy, extremely sturdy and resistant to chemicals. They also have special seals for dispensing neutral or chemically active foam detergents in the acidic or alkaline ranges. The light and handy 301 FA and 301 FB foam sprayers are ideal for professional applications in smaller areas. We recommend the SOLO 309 FA and 309 FB foam sprayers for larger areas: They have a nominal capacity of 9 l and a stable base. And with the optional trolley with handle, the device does not have to be carried around. For more convenient application.

Foam sprayers for acidic detergents

The 301 A and 309 FA foam sprayers have seals made of extremely resilient FKM (Viton), allowing more aggressive, acidic cleaning foams to be applied. These are often used in commercial building cleaning and in the automotive and workshop sectors. They effectively combat limescale residues and deposits, but also germs, bacteria and much more during hygienic cleaning of toilets, bathrooms, large kitchens, swimming pools, sauna areas, thermal baths and fittings. But the foam sprayers with FKM also put in an excellent performance when cleaning machines and fittings made of stainless steel.

Foam sprayers for alkaline detergents and disinfectants

The 301 B and 309 FB foam sprayers come with EPDM seals that are suitable for foam alkaline detergents and disinfectants. They can be used for kitchen hygiene, in the catering industry, for glass cleaning, for removing grease from components in industry and for pre-washing cars in the automotive industry. Alkaline pre-cleaners and insect removers can also be dispensed effectively and easily with the practical foam sprayers.

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