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lightweight with outstanding spray performance

High-yielding harvests thanks to high quality and performance: misters from SOLO are characterised by their outstanding spray performance, light weight and extreme robustness. They are extremely impressive on large plantations with their high performance over long periods and extremely comfortable handling – for high efficiency in intensive spraying work. They can also be used for disinfection or parasite control over large areas.

MISTER - 452

Accessories for misters

SOLO offers a comprehensive range of accessories and enhancements for power misters. They can apply granulated or powder plant protection spray media with a dusting attachment or separate and spread the spray jet with a twin nozzle. 


Work efficiently and easily even on difficult terrain – with powerful and easy-to-use sprayers and misters from SOLO, plant protection and cleaning agents can be applied efficiently, accurately and with minimum effort.


SOLO: high quality and performance – since 1948

Plant protection sprayers, cleaning sprayers, cut-off machines and accessories. SOLO has been impressing its customers throughout the world for over 70 years with its high quality and expertise. For better performance and results. Find out for yourself!

Solo 451 3-Gallon 66.5cc
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Questions & answers

Frequently asked questions about SOLO misters:
What do the various nozzles of the misters do?
SOLO misters come not only with a long-reach nozzle but also with a wide spray grille and a nozzle with attachable deflectors as standard. The long-reach nozzle directs the jet over a maximum of 12 metres. Using the wide spray grille broadens the spray jet and the reach is extended. The nozzle with single-sided deflector makes it easier to apply agents to crops sown in rows and makes it possible to treat the underside of leaves. The double-sided deflector is used for efficient treatment of two rows at a time.

How can the functions of a mister be enhanced by accessories?
With the SOLO ULV nozzle, plant protection spray media are applied in low doses using the ULV (ultra low volume) process and pesticides are atomised into a very fine spray. The spray jet of SOLO misters can be divided and widened using a twin nozzle. The amount of plant protection spray medium dispensed can be controlled separately for each nozzle. With the 60 cm extension wand, the spray jet can be focussed precisely and extended, which is an advantage if you are far away from the target areas. Our strong recommendation is to use a SOLO liquid booster pump (accessory) in conjunction with the extension wand so that you have a reliable supply of the plant protection spray medium when spraying vertically, too.

Plant protection to improve crops
Useful information about the use of plant protection spray media:
What are the options for plant protection?
Plant protection includes all spray agents that are used to protect crops and decorative plants. A distinction is made here between chemical and biological plant protection spray media. Chemical agents include pesticides, i.e. herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and acaricides. Herbicides are used to kill weeds. Fungicides fight fungal diseases in plants. Insecticides are used against pests, while acaricides specifically treat mites and ticks. Since pesticides can cause significant damage to the environment, however, only approved plant protection spray media should be used and it must be ensured that the agents do not drift far. Biological plant protection, on the other hand, is used in organic plant cultivation. It is associated with less risk for people, flora and fauna and is therefore a considerate alternative to chemical pesticides.
Which biological plant protection spray media can be used in winegrowing?
With biological plant protection, the aim is to protect ecosystems as much as possible and no toxins are used. In vineyards, there are various biological plant protection spray media that can be used: orange oil or spraying agents made from horsetail extract, for example, can be used against true mildew and botrytis. Wettable sulphur or baking powder can also be effective against true mildew. In the case of false mildew, copper agents or rock dust can be used. 

Insecticides and herbicides should not be used in ecological plant protection. Instead, pests can be controlled with beneficial insects such as predatory mites, ichneumon wasps and green lacewings. Bacillus thuringiensis compounds, traps, sticky sheets, sprays of rapeseed oil or sulphur and pheromones can also be useful against pests. Weeds can be dealt with by mechanical means in organic plant protection, by hand for example or with appropriate devices.

Spraying and spreading with SOLO: the perfect aids for any application

Whether it’s for private use in your own garden or as a professional: with the robust and extremely versatile products from SOLO, you are up to any challenge. With SOLO you always enjoy the advantages of the highest quality and performance – whether it’s for professional plant protection, cleaning and disinfection or use in the building trade.

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Misters for protection and care of crops

SOLO The better choice. Since 1948.

SOLO misters are among the top sellers in the world. For plant protection applications in agriculture, forestry, nurseries, public parks and green spaces, fruit cultivation and winegrowing or in the coffee and chocolate plantations of Africa and South America – for professional use of plant protection spray media, SOLO misters are valued and used all over the world. SOLO misters are also popular tools for parasite control and disinfection, especially in logistics, agriculture and livestock farming. And for good reason: SOLO misters are light in weight, have impressive spray performance, are very easy to use and extremely robust and durable thanks to their high quality. The innovative technology of SOLO engines ensures low fuel consumption, reduced exhaust gases and high performance over long periods. They have therefore been used for decades to meet the requirements for high-yielding harvests throughout the world. 

Backpack mister for professional plant protection

The SOLO Master 452 is a reliable, powerful and extremely quiet mister for professional plant protection. A striking, unmistakable design with practical, user-friendly controls characterise its external appearance. It is designed for application of all approved plant protection spray media and is also suitable for applications for fighting pathogens and vector control. The design of the SOLO Master 452 mister is characterised by the striking shape of the new blower unit, which is a copy of a nautilus snail shell. The integration of functional units such as a starter, fuel tank, spark plugs, an air filter and a carburettor also gives the SOLO Master 452 an unmistakable appearance. At just 9.6 kg it is currently the lightest in its performance class and weighs between 15% and 25% less than other brand-name misters – despite its powerful spray performance.

The efficient 2-stroke SOLO engine with diaphragm carburettor, digital ignition and aluminium crankcase also guarantees a long service life. The starter can be dismantled quickly and easily for maintenance work and a large silencer ensures low noise levels. The large air filter, which is positioned inconspicuously under a flap that can be opened without tools, protects the combustion chamber and increases the service life of the engine. 

SOLO mister accessories

The range of accessories makes the SOLO Master 452 mister even more versatile. A liquid booster pump, for example, ensures even application for overhead jobs and makes it possible to use longer spray wands. With the handy twin nozzle, it is possible to treat two rows at the same time. And with the SOLO ULV nozzle, plant protection spray media can be dispensed in small amounts and pesticides can be applied in a very fine mist.

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