Sprayers for plant care around the house and garden

SOLO offers a wide range of sprayers for all challenges in the home, garden, vehicle or workshop: The robust and convenient sprayers from SOLO help you to perform your work effectively and precisely.

Sprayers and misters from SOLO: tools for any job

The high-quality sprayers and misters from SOLO are practical aids for plant protection, pest control, cleaning and disinfection – both in private and professional use. 


Work efficiently and easily even on difficult terrain – with powerful and easy-to-use sprayers and misters from SOLO, plant protection and cleaning agents can be applied efficiently, accurately and with minimum effort.

Granulate spreader – 421
The SOLO 421 granulate spreader spreads fertiliser, winter g
Manual sprayer 1.25L - SOLO 201
The new, 2nd series of lightweight manual sprayers features
Manual sprayer 1.25L – 403
The SOLO 403 manual sprayer from the Classic line features l
Manual sprayer 1L – 401
The SOLO 401 manual sprayer from the Comfort line features l
Manual sprayer 2L - 402
The SOLO 402 manual sprayer from the Comfort line features l
Manual sprayer 2L – SOLO 202 C
The new, 2nd series of lightweight manual sprayers features
Pressure sprayer 11L - 458
The SOLO 458 pressure sprayer from the Pro line is suitable
Pressure sprayer 5L - 461
The SOLO 461 pressure sprayer from the Comfort line features
Pressure sprayer 7L - 462
The SOLO 462 pressure sprayer from the Comfort line features
Trolley sprayer 11L – 453
The SOLO 453 trolley sprayer from the Classic line, despite


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SOLO granulate spreaders
The SOLO granulate spreader is made for all-year-round use. The rotating spreader disc is operated by manual crank and ensures an extremely even cross-distribution of the granulate over the area. 
SOLO in the fight against coronavirus
Unfortunately, the issue of disinfection has recently taken a dramatic turn. The coronavirus COVID-19 spreads quickly. SOLO CLEANline is a comprehensive range of devices, all of which have SOLO quality in their genes. CLEANline is made for cleaning and disinfection indoors and outdoors. 
Vergleich.org rated SOLO 425 Comfort VERY GOOD
Quality pays off. Our SOLO 425 granulate spreader was given a rating of “very good” on Vergleich.ORG. The SOLO 425 can tackle a wide range of jobs in agriculture and forestry just as capably as it solves all the problems of green space maintenance. 

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Plant protection products from SOLO:
sowing seeds, care and protection

SOLO Germany The better choice. SINCE 1948

Powerful SOLO products enable you to apply fertiliser, seeds, insecticides or plant protection spray medium with ease and precision - even on difficult terrain.

SOLO pressure sprayers 
Flexibility & range of features 

For existing and aspiring fans of gardening. Whether it’s in the garden, in the home, in agriculture or in a greenhouse, SOLO Kleinmotoren GmbH has been a world leading manufacturer of sprayers and misters since 1948. We have a wide range of pressure sprayers, battery-operated and backpack sprayers. All our products are versatile and can be used flexibly, thanks to the many expansion options offered by our accessories.

Pressure sprayers from SOLO:

The container capacity and carrying comfort must be adequate for larger areas. The SOLO pressure sprayers that are worn on the shoulder with different fill capacities offer ample coverage for several more square metres. A few pump strokes is all that is needed to build up the maximum spray pressure in transparent plastic containers. The adjustable universal hollow-cone nozzles can also be used for variable applications.

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