Nozzles & Drift guards 

Dispense just the right amount – and only where you want it

With the nozzles and drift guards for SOLO pressure and backpack sprayers, you can increase your precision and adjust the sprayer exactly to the dispensing requirements of the specific agent, the plants to be protected and the planting area. Versatile accessories that extend the possible applications significantly.



Popular throughout the world: plant protection with SOLO

From the vineyards around Stuttgart to plantations all over the world – SOLO plant protection sprayers have been synonymous with reliability and the highest quality since 1948. Ever since then, it has always been our aim to provide you with the right tool for your needs.

SOLO sprayers and misters
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Useful information about possible applications:
Which accessories make it easier to treat tall plants such as standard and espaliered trees?
The 150 cm brass tree spray wand (49528) is suitable for treating taller, more upright plants, e.g. for spraying espaliered trees or bushes. There are also two other fixed and telescopic wands to choose from for this purpose, including the fixed 120 cm ultra-light carbon tree spray wand (49449) and the telescopic carbon wand (49445) which extends from 120 to 230 cm. 
Which accessories increase the range of the spraying agent?

There is a whole series of fixed and telescopic plastic, brass and carbon wands in the range of accessories for SOLO sprayers, which help to reach parts of plants that are difficult to access. 
If you want to extend the reach of your power sprayer, use one of the special stainless steel spray wands that are specially adapted to the SOLO 433. We also recommend the 10 m high-pressure hose for more convenience and safety. This can be stored on the device to save space, thanks to a retaining bracket. The small SOLO 401 and 402 manual pressure sprayers can also be equipped with a telescopic wand extendable from 25 cm - 50 cm from the range of accessories, so that you can reach plants that are further away or the inside areas of plants more easily. It also has a nozzle head that swivels 180°, which makes treating the underside of leaves easier.

Frequently asked questions about using accessories:
With which devices can the pneumatic connection valve be used?
The pneumatic connection valve can be used with the SOLO 456, 457 and 458 pressure sprayers and all the Cleanline 305, 307 and 309 pressure sprayer models. There is a version with an FKM seal (49590) and one with an EPDM seal (49591).
Which devices can the trolley be attached to?

You can fit the trolley to the SOLO 458 pressure sprayer, the SOLO 309 FA and 309 B foam sprayers and the 49852 pressurised water tank, which makes them all significantly easier to manoeuvre and operate, especially when they are full to the maximum. 

Areas of application

Whether you want to use your SOLO device for plant protection, plant care, cleaning or disinfection – with the practical accessories for SOLO sprayers, it will be easier to use, more effective and more environmentally friendly.

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