Power sprayers for professional users:

more pressure for higher areas

Powerful engine, high performance: the 433 backpack power sprayer from SOLO has a powerful engine that can generate an operating pressure of up to 30 bar. With this high pressure, you can spray even the finest mist upwards. And thanks to the 20 l tank, longer periods of work are possible without topping up – all, of course, with the maximum working comfort and first-class SOLO quality.

20 L - 433

Accessories for power sprayers

 SOLO offers a comprehensive range of accessories and enhancements for professional applications. High demands are made of these devices in terms of their quality, functionality, range of application and features, in particular in commercial use.


Work efficiently and easily even on difficult terrain – with powerful and easy-to-use sprayers and misters from SOLO, plant protection and cleaning agents can be applied efficiently, accurately and with minimum effort.


SOLO: high quality and performance – since 1948

Plant protection sprayers, cleaning sprayers, cut-off machines and accessories. SOLO has been impressing its customers throughout the world for over 70 years with its high quality and expertise. For better performance and results. Find out for yourself!

Solo 451 3-Gallon 66.5cc
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Questions & answers

Frequently asked questions about the SOLO power sprayer:
Which accessories are available for power sprayers?
An extension wand and a telescopic wand are available in the range of accessories for the SOLO 433 power sprayer to extend its reach. The universal stainless steel spray wand can extend the reach and allows precise spraying and treatment of individual plants. A handy spray boom facilitates treatment of larger areas and rows of plants. And with the 10 m extension hose with retaining bracket, a greater working radius can be achieved and work can be carried out more safely at greater heights.
Can the reach of the power sprayer be increased?
You can extend the reach of power sprayers with the right accessories. An extension wand, telescopic wand, universal spray wand or spray boom from the SOLO range of accessories are suitable, for example.
Diseases & Pests
Useful information about tree diseases:
What can you do to control wood pests?
It is not unusual for trees to be infested with disease or pests – whether it’s insect wood pests, such as bark beetles, woodworm, termites, etc. or fungal infestation evident from white rot, brown rot, simultaneous rot or discolouration of the wood. You can, however, control pests by spraying in early spring to prevent them developing over the next year. 

Trees that are affected should first be scrubbed with a brush to remove loose pieces of bark to control the eggs and larvae of the pests. Suitable spray agent should then be applied to the trees with an appropriate sprayer, such as the SOLO 433 power sprayer. In addition to chemical spray agents, you can also use environmentally friendly agents based on rapeseed oil. 

In order to prevent the pests from reproducing and to effectively control them, you should spray infested trees until they are really dripping wet. The right timing is important here: it’s best to spray when the buds begin to appear and the first small leaves are present. At this time, the larvae of the pests usually begin to hatch. If you spray too early, the larvae are still dormant. If you spray later, the young leaves could be damaged. 
How are oak processionary moths controlled?
The caterpillars of the oak processionary moth have poisonous hairs which can cause serious human health problems. Depending on how heavily the oak trees are infested with the dangerous pest and how often people walk past it, other measures may be necessary to control it. It is usually enough to put up warning signs in the case of limited infestation or in places that people do not often visit. In the case of heavier infestation, however, the area should be cordoned off, as the poisonous hairs of the caterpillars can spread up to 500 m in the air.

Biological or chemical spray agents can be used against oak processionary moths in addition to biological control with nematodes or mechanical treatment by vacuuming or burning them off. You can apply these easily and effectively with a sprayer, such as the SOLO 433 power sprayer. In the case of biological control agents, you should ensure that you spray the agent at the second and third larval stages. At this age, the pests still do not have hairs and are hungry enough to eat the leaves that are covered in the spray agent. It is important not to spray in rain and to ensure that there is no wind.

In the case of chemical insecticides, you should carry out the treatment at the third larval stage, as the hairs on the caterpillars have not developed sufficiently at this point. As chemical spray agents can also affect other living creatures and the environment, they should only be used in an emergency.

Spraying and spreading with SOLO: the perfect aids for any application

Whether it’s for private use in your own garden or as a professional: with the robust and extremely versatile products from SOLO, you are up to any challenge. With SOLO you always enjoy the advantages of the highest quality and performance – whether it’s for professional plant protection, cleaning and disinfection or use in the building trade.

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Power sprayer for treatment of taller plants

SOLO The better choice. Since 1948.

The 433 power sprayer is an efficient, sturdy and reliable high-pressure sprayer for commercial use. It is quiet, low in emissions, low-vibration and ideal for the professional user. It is also characterised by a very high coverage capacity – a combination that is useful with taller planting such as trees and large shrubs, cultivated crops and in professional garden and landscape design. 

Backpack power sprayer with high performance and comfort

The output of the SOLO power sprayer is supplied by a reliable, compact, efficient and very quiet Honda 4-stroke engine. It has special bearings to protect against vibration and is easy to start and low-maintenance. The adjustable operating pressure of the push-pull piston pump reachs up to 30 bar and gives a delivery rate of up to 2 l/min. The pressure and spray volume can be adjusted and fixed continuously using the setting wheel. For additional comfort during use, it has a high-quality carrying system with very wide, padded straps that are adjustable on both sides and a large, insulating back pad. Thanks to the 20 l nominal capacity, longer periods of work are possible without topping up. A handy drain outlet on the bottom of the tank makes it possible to empty the tank completely of any remaining fluid. The backpack power sprayer also has a 50 cm spray wand made of stainless steel and a pressure gauge on the sturdy manual valve for pressure control to suit the application. It comes with a practical spray wand retainer for space-saving, protected storage of the wand and the nozzle. It is supplied with a high-quality twin-jet flat spray nozzle with a stainless steel nozzle disc.

SOLO power sprayer spare parts & accessories

The efficiency of the SOLO power sprayer becomes fully evident with the right accessories. For example, its reach can be extended with appropriate spray wands. The spray pattern can also be adapted using the universal spray wand. The supply of spare parts is guaranteed over a number of years. Our customer service team will be pleased to help you buy the right spare parts. Just get in touch! We will be happy to help you find the best solution.

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