Manual sprayer 2L, pH range 7-14 – 304 B


From the 2022 production year onward, all CLEANline products without exception carry the MADE IN GERMANY quality seal and not merely ‘Engineered in Germany’.
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Manual sprayer 2L, pH range 7-14 – 304 B

Handsprüher für professionelle Reinigung

Der SOLO 304 B Handsprüher mit einem Handgriff in neuem Design: Höchste Arbeitsergonomie dank spezieller und sehr angenehm zu fassender Griffgestaltung.

Product information "Manual sprayer 2L, pH range 7-14 – 304 B"

The SOLO CLEANLine has become firmly established for all tasks related to cleaning and disinfection. All the same, it was time for us to make something good even better. From the 2022 production year onward, all CLEANline products without exception carry the MADE IN GERMANY quality seal and not merely ‘Engineered in Germany’. In other words, they are manufactured in Sindelfingen to the highest quality standards, with short transport distances and care for environmental protection. And that is not all. We have also been able to significantly improve pump efficiency once again. For users, this means that more liquid can be sprayed with fewer strokes of the pump. The entire handle and pump unit has also been updated in terms of their haptics (touch). So the new pump comes along with an ergonomically optimised handle for holding and control. This operational efficiency, combined with the established advantages of the SOLO CLEANLine, make this cleaning range even more attractive. The new, adjustable universal nozzle provides a significantly more balanced spray pattern and can be adjusted more precisely to particular applications.
  • The CLEANLine manual pressure sprayers and foam sprayers feature large, comfortable and particularly ergonomically shaped control elements. New handle design: Highest ergonomics thanks to special handle shape that is particularly pleasant to touch. A thumb lock allows the user to change during operation between continuous and spot spraying. 
  • The container with its three base feet is made of sturdy, UV-resistant polyethylene. Cleaning agent can be poured in easily and safely through the large filling aperture. The fill level is easy to read from a fill level marking on semi-transparent material. 
  • The enclosed pump shields the sensitive pump elements from the chemically active cleaning fluid and therefore ensures a long service life for the sprayer. The efficient pump allows an operating pressure of up to 3 bar to be reached with ease, facilitating sufficiently long work intervals. 
  • Pressure in the container can also be released by means of a safety valve to enable emptying, refilling or cleaning. A pressure greater than 3 bar is automatically released by this valve. 
  • High-quality FKM seals (A models) or EPDM seals (B models) offer high chemical resistance to cleaning agents in the acidic and alkaline pH ranges respectively. 
  • The new adjustable hollow cone nozzle allows both the spray volume and the spray pattern to be adjusted. 
  • Display pocket for cards integrated into the side of the spray head allows container contents to be labelled. Writable cards for labelling the contents and the relevant application are supplied with the product in the form of sets of 4 cards with 1 colour stripe on each (blue, yellow, red, green) that are assigned in cleaning as indications of the area to be cleaned. Red is used for ‘WC sanitary zone’, yellow as ‘Other sanitary zone’ (tiles, mirrors, washbasins), green for surfaces (kitchens/restaurants, but also for surfaces requiring disinfection) and blue for furnished areas such as living and working areas and office furniture. 

Technische Daten

Capacity 2L
Drive type Manual
Pump model piston
Spray pressure 3 Bar
application cleaning/ disinfection
mode of application spray , spritz
suitable for pH range 7-14 alkaline (EDPM seal)

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