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Pressure sprayer 7L, pH range 1-7 – 307 A


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The robust, shoulder-supported SOLO 307 A pressure sprayer with base, FKM seal and 7-litre fill capacity is suitable for acidic cleaning agents in the low pH range (1-7). Also resistant to hydrocarbons (oil-based or solvent-based products). For professional cleaning of medium-sized to large areas.
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Pressure sprayer 7L, pH range 1-7 – 307 A

Druckspritze für professionelle Reinigung

Reinigung & Desinfektion
Die extrem robuste 307 A Druckspritze aus der CLEANLine Serie besteht aus sehr stabilem, UV-beständigem Polyethylen und umfasst 7 Liter Füllvolumen.

Product information "Pressure sprayer 7L, pH range 1-7 – 307 A"

The exceptionally robust 307 A pressure sprayer from the CLEANLine range is made of sturdy, UV-resistant polyethylene and offers a fill capacity of 7 litres. The unit is easy to fill with cleaning agent via the extra-wide filling aperture. Thanks to the fill level marking and the semi-transparent material, the fill level can be read easily and accurately.

The container features a robust pump and carrying handle that is convenient for carrying the pressure sprayer when not in use. 
The SOLO 307 A pressure sprayer has a very generously dimensioned pump that reachs the maximum pressure of 3 bar in just a few pumps. An automatic safety valve offers protection to the user and can also be used to manually depressurise the container.
The very high-quality, chemical-resistant flat spray nozzle creates fine droplets that apply the cleaning agent onto the surface uniformly and quickly, in a clean, band-shaped spray pattern. This results in rapid work progress and yet the lowest possible consumption of cleaning agent.
The CLEANLine 307 A pressure sprayer features large, convenient control elements and includes a shoulder strap that helps you work flexibly and ergonomically.
Ideal for professional cleaning and hygiene in:

  • Sanitary facilities, for baths 
  • Stainless steel machines and fittings
  • Cleaning brakes and wheel rims
  • Removal of limescale, water stains, urine scale, rust film etc. 
Suitable for medium-sized to larger areas.

Technische Daten

Capacity 7L
Drive type Manual
Pump model piston
Spray pressure 3 Bar
application cleaning/ disinfection
suitable for pH range 1-7 acidic (FKM seal)
Druckspritze für große Flächen zum reinigen

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