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Cut-off machine 879 - 14”


Powerful cut-off machines for real, hard work: SOLO cut-off machines cut effortlessly through concrete, steel, asphalt, cast iron and stone. The ergonomics, technical details and ease of maintenance are unique in this engine class. The cutting disc has a diameter of 14”/ 350 mm.
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Cut-off machine 879 - 14”

Tools for everyday use in construction or other manual trades

Cut-off machines
The SOLO 879-14 cut-off machine features a cutting disc with 14”/ 350 mm Ø. At its heart is the modern, high-performance 81 cc two-stroke engine.

Product information "Cut-off machine 879 - 14”"

The SOLO 879-14 cut-off machine features a cutting disc with 14”/ 350 mm Ø. At the heart of all SOLO cut-off machines is the modern, high-performance 81 cc two-stroke engine – developed and manufactured by SOLO in Sindelfingen. With an output power of 4 kW, even the toughest materials will succumb. And apart from the sheer power that the engines deliver to the cutting discs, these machines also stand out because of their low emissions.
Well-designed air filter system: The effective, multi-stage air filter system with patented twin-pipe interceptor blows dust systematically out of the machine. At the same time, the air is blown out onto the intake pipes. As a consequence, much of the air arriving at the paper lamella filter has already been cleaned. Access to the air filter has also been made much simpler to facilitate easy maintenance.
Perfect ergonomics designed for labour-saving work – a decisive factor for hand-held machines is optimised weight distribution. In SOLO cut-off machines this is ensured by a compact design, ergonomic handle spacings and the use of lightweight but highly robust materials that have never previously been found in this performance class. A magnesium shield, the 5-point anti-vibration system and the rubberised handles are just three of many carefully planned details, another is the sturdy disc arm, which can be turned easily to allow inside or outside cuts.
Durable components that do not wear quickly: the disc is driven by a low-wear V-ribbed belt that can be easily adjusted using a semi-automatic belt tensioner. The special starter rope lasts 10 times longer than standard ropes. The high-performance SOLO power unit features a Nikasil®-coated cylinder and 2-ring Mahle® piston for maximum stability.

Technische Daten

Drive type Engine
application Construction
Trennscheibe mit 14“/ 350 mm  Durchmesser

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